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What to do when someone dies

After a death, there are lots of details to organise and decisions to make. Often, these things have to be done quickly. Let Funeral Bookings take you through the first steps.



The death must be confirmed and certified by a doctor. Until a death certificate (Certificate of Cause of Death) has been signed and issued by a doctor, funeral arrangements cannot go ahead.

If the death occurs in hospital or at a nursing home, staff can arrange for a doctor to attend.

If the death occurs at home and was expected, call the family doctor.

If the death takes place at home and was unexpected, the police should be contacted. A Coroner may need to investigate and a post-mortem examination may be required to determine the cause of death.

Family and friends

Contact the deceased's family and friends to let them know of the death.

Your loved one's solicitor or executor of the will

If the deceased left directions for their funeral arrangements, or had a pre-arranged or pre-paid funeral plan, the details may have been left with their solicitor or the executor of their will (the person named to carry out someone's wishes after they die).

If they had pre-arranged or pre-paid their funeral, contact the relevant funeral director

Funeral director

If your loved one had not made any funeral plans, and you don't want to organise the funeral yourself, you will need to select a funeral director. They will take your loved one into their care, and collect the information needed to register the death officially, They will organise the funeral service, liaise with clergy or the funeral celebrant, and make bookings for the funeral venue, cemetery or crematorium.

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