Allison Monkhouse - KNOX

Burial with Service - At Graveside
From $4034

Graveside Burial Service

Burial - Graveside
Essential Cremation Package - No Service
From $4515

Our Essential Cremation Package has no gathering (no attendance) or ceremony.

Cremation - No service
Burial with Service - at Funeral Home
From $6753

Service at an Allison Monkhouse Chapel and Burial at Springvale Cemetery

Burial - At funeral home
Burial with Service - In a Church
From $6913

Burial with a Church Service

Burial - Other Location
Cremation with Service - At Funeral Home
From $7370

Cremation with Service at an Allison Monkhouse Chapel

Cremation - At funeral home
Cremation with Service - In Venue of your Choice
From $7590

Cremation with a Service in a venue of your choice (e.g. Church or Cemetery Chapel)

Cremation - Other Location
If your loved one has passed away, we can assist you and your family every step of the way through this often difficult time.

With funeral services for religious, non-religious and many different cultural backgrounds, our experienced staff are here to help 24/7.

At Allison Monkhouse we understand and respect all religions and cultures, which is why we are so often called on for specific funeral services and needs. We have dedicated staff for various communities including and not limited to: Cambodian, Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Korean, Laotian, Sri Lankan, and Vietnamese.

Our elegant and spacious chapels are equipped with professional sound & display equipment, air-conditioning and many look over onto our own beautiful private garden. Our larger chapels can accommodate up to 150 people and facilities are available to serve light refreshments.
Allison Monkhouse - KNOX has been on since October 2019
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